The slingshot



A project that I and SA7BIK Mats worked a little with is a way to get up antennas in height in a good way .

The first project a slingshot of larger dimensions .

We have built up a prototype that works well, we shoot a tennis ball about 25m over a tree without problems.

We used a spinning reel with braided line and an unfilled tennisbol .

It worked best , we think.

We even tried to fill a tennisbol with gravel but it was too heavy, dried maybe 15 feet up .

We have postponed a 80m vertical ” 19.5 m wire ” and it hung almost vertically so I’m guessing that the tree was about 17m high and then flew the ball maybe 5 feet above the tree.

We have a little problem with that ball hits the bar shoe when you shoot , but otherwise it works well .

We also have a version with a narrower shank that we will be testing . It has a little less joist hanger so is likely to include tennis balls too big for it, but we thought to try with a golf ball and see how it works.